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Welcome to Casa!

Here is our little tribe!

We live on the ground floor, directly under Casa Felicidad.

Léna and Emma, the two princesses of the kingdom,

are full of life and always smiling.

Eaden, our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is the grandpa of the house. Salomé manages the whole team and enjoys life to the fullest.







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The story of Casa Felicidad began at the end of 2019 with an idea that seemed completely crazy "I'm going to cut my house in half!". I realized that my house was clearly oversized for my small tribe and that living in this excess and disproportion did not correspond at all to my ecological and minimalist values. A few signs of life were enough to convince me that this was the right direction to take.

Being resourceful and organized by nature, having the habit of managing projects and adoring DIY, ideas rocketed per billions. The structure of my project was put in place very quickly. A lot of beneficial discussions with my relatives also allowed me to take the right path.

Mid February 2020, my house no longer looked like anything: some walls had been demolished, others had been created and the remaining workload was enormous ... Events of life and the Covid19 lock-down gave me the opportunity to move forward very quickly in my work.

Finally mid summer 2020, Casa Felicidad was born and my crazy idea had turned into an absolutely wonderful new chapter of my life. I was supported throughout my project by the people I love and I take this opportunity to thank them for showing me so much love and having been there for me in this adventure. Thank you to you, thank you to life, I love you!

I'm going to cut my house in half!

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